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Meta Icons

The meta-information for Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Garage, etc is displayed on several sections throughout RealHomes Theme. The icon used for these fields is an SVG icon so you can easily replace them.

The SVG icons are located in wp-content → themes → realhomes → assets → modern or classic → images → icons directory and if you are using Elementor then the icons in Elementor must be changed in wp-content → plugins → realhomes-elementor-addon → assets → icons folder.

Please note that you should also validate the SVG icon’s code by adding the required class to it and remove anything extra from it. For example, the Garage icon’s SVG code looks something like this:

Notice the rh_svg class so that what you have to add and some SVG icons have in them so simply remove it. If you want to change the Label for these meta fields then navigate to DashboardAppearanceCustomizeProperty Detail PageBasics as shown here.

Google Maps Property Markers

Moreover, you can also change the Property Markers which are shown on Google Maps in wp-content → themes → realhomes → assets → modern or classic → images → map directory, please make sure that the name of the new png files is same so the theme can load them. If you don’t plan to replace them then you will have to change their reference in the code so replacing them is the best and easy way to do it.