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If you want to change the post status on my properties page which is shown in the screenshot below then you will learn how you can change that with some quick changes in this article.

First of all, add the following PHP code in your theme’s functions.php file:

function inspiry_post_status() {

   // function reference:
   $post_status = get_post_status();

   switch( $post_status ){
      case 'draft':
         $post_status = 'DRA';
      case 'pending':
         $post_status = 'PEN';
      case 'publish':
         $post_status = 'PUB';

   return strtolower( $post_status );


Please note that you can change the text ‘DRA‘, ‘PEN‘ and ‘PUB‘ with the words of your choice. After adding the above code at the end of functions.php file then kindly change line 230 in the file my-properties.php located in wp-content » themes » realhomes » assets » classic or modern » partials » page folder:

$property_statuses = get_post_statuses();
$property_status = get_post_status();
echo esc_html( $property_statuses[ $property_status ] );

with this new code:

$property_statuses = get_post_statuses();
$property_status   = inspiry_post_status();
echo esc_html( $property_status );

After the line is replaced it should look like this:

If you are using Modern layout then you can simply change it in wp-content » realhomes » assets » modern » partials » member » my-property.php and change the statuses on line number 109.

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