How to translate any theme using Loco Translate Plugin

Loco Translate Plugin allows you to translate the theme directly from the WordPress Dashboard and it is quite an easy process. We recommend Loco Translate over the POEdit method for translation.

You can follow the steps below to properly install and configure Loco Translate on your website.

Step 1

Install Loco Translate Plugin via Dashboard → Plugins. Activate the plugin once installed.

Step 2

Navigate to Dashboard → Loco Translate → Themes and click the theme name you want to translate. In our example, we are going to choose RealHomes Theme.

Selecting Theme Loco Translate

Step 3

Click on Create Template to create a new translation template. On the next page, click on Create Template once again.

Create Template Loco Translate Plugin

Step 4

Go back to the theme page again and click on New language.

New Language Loco Translate Plugin

Step 5

Next, you have to set up the language. This step involves choosing the language and selecting the path of the .po file for the language you are choosing.

Step 6

When you click on the Save button you will be redirected to the translation page where you can start translating all the strings of the theme in this language. But first, click on Sync to synchronize any unidentified strings which were not detected in the initial setup and you are done with this step.

Step 7

Navigate to Dashboard → Settings → General and then select the language from the drop-down options Site Language which you just set up in the Loco Translate section e.g. French (in our example) and the translation will start showing on the frontend.

You have to click on Sync (on translation page) each time when you update the theme and all the new strings will be synchronized from the updated version of the theme.

Step 8

You must also translate the required plugin of the theme, for example, if you are using Real Homes Theme then you must translate Easy Real Estate Plugin which is a required plugin and the theme doesn’t work without it. The required plugins for other themes are listed below for each theme so you should know which plugins must be translated to have the translation for each string throughout the theme.

Real Homes Theme: Easy Real Estate Plugin

MedicalPress Theme: MedicalPress Utilities Plugin

Real Places Theme: Inspiry Real Estate Plugin

TourPress Theme: TourPress Pack Plugin, Easy Tours Plugin

BuilderPress Theme: BuilderPress Pack Plugin

Food Recipes Theme: Food Recipes Pack Plugin

RecipePress Theme: Inspiry Recipes Plugin

PoliticalPress Theme: Political Press Pack Plugin

That’s it. Your translation should work fine now.


How to find the missing strings for translation?

You can find any string by using the search option. Normally, you will be able to find it in the theme but if you don’t then you can check in Easy Real Estate Plugin or RealHomes Elementor Addon.

How to translate Taxonomies?

You can translate any property taxonomy with the same method as you use for string translation. Just try the search option so you can find it easily and quickly.

How to translate Customizer any Settings and Labels?

You can do it by using the same method as you used for taxonomy translation.