Updating any theme is quite easy and we have already explained two methods about it which you can read by going to any of the following links.

Update Theme Using Envato WordPress Toolkit

Better Way to Update WordPress Theme

Both of the above methods are easy to follow. Most of the time if you follow Envato WordPress Toolkit method then the theme gets updated as well as the plugins required for the relevant theme.

If for some reason the Inspiry Real Estate Plugin doesn’t get updated with it then you can follow the instructions below.

  1. Disable the Inspiry Real Estate Plugin by going to Dashboard > Plugins.
  2. Once disabled then delete this plugin from Plugins section (Dashboard > Plugins).
  3. After deleting this plugin you will see a notification at the top of Plugins page (shown in the screenshot below), so kindly click on Begin installing plugin.
  4. On the next page, you will see the plugin Inspiry Real Estate Plugin to install.
  5. After installing it then activate it to get the functionality of it. You can again go to Install Required Plugins section to activate it or you can also activate it by going to Dashboard > Plugins section.

This is how you can manually update the Inspiry Real Estate Plugin for Real Places Theme. If you have any other question or problem you can always contact us by opening a ticket.

Thank you for choosing our themes