RELATED TO: RealHomes Theme

On Frontend (Property Submit Page):

To limit maximum images upload on the front-end. Kindly visit Dashboard → Real Homes → Customize Settings → Dashboard → Submit Property.

On Backend Submission (Property Edit/Add Screen):

By default, Max Images Upload limit is 48. You can modify it by editing the highlighted file as displayed in the following screenshot:


You can add the following PHP code to the functions.php file of your parent or child theme to override the currently allowed limit.

if ( ! function_exists( 'realhomes_change_maximum_number_of_gallery_images' ) ) {
* This filter will modify the maximum number of gallery images allowed for the backend
* @param $number_of_images
* @return int
function realhomes_change_maximum_number_of_gallery_images( $number_of_images ) {
// change 52 to the number of your choice
$number_of_images = 52;
return $number_of_images;

add_filter( 'ere_property_max_gallery_images', 'realhomes_change_maximum_number_of_gallery_images' );

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