Hi! Could you please tell me what I have to do to change the size of the home slide? 980px by 455px is too big for what I need. Thank you!

The size I want is: 980px by 365px.

Original poster


1. You need to change the slider image height from functions.php line number 120 from 445 to 365 as displayed in this image.

2. after that you need to modify style.css and change the .slides height to 365px from 445px as displayed in this image . you also need to reduce the slider-wrap height from 522px to 442px on line number 301 as displayed in same image.

3. after doing above changes you need to install following plugin and regenerate thumbnails again. this will re-crop slider images to new size

4. test your website and I hope you will have slider with your mentioned size.