This is a conventional method. Please follow the steps below to translate the theme to your language using the POEdit tool. If you like to do it easily and directly from the WordPress Dashboard then you can consult the other guide in which we recommend the Loco Translate plugin.

Step 1

Install WordPress in your language OR Change the language in the admin settings screen. Settings → General → Site Language

Step 2

Download and install poedit.

Step 3

Look for the file with .pot extension called POT ( Portable Object Template ) file in your theme’s “languages” directory, If there is no such directory then look into the theme’s root directory.

Once found, download it and rename it to your language code, for example, fr_FR.po ( PO stands for Portable Object ) for French. Complete lists of codes can be found at (country codes) and (language codes).

Step 4

Start translating newly created .po in poedit software from English to your language.

You do not need to translate everything, instead look for the sentences or words that you really need to translate and leave the others as it is.

Step 5

Save the newly created .po file in poedit and it will create a new file with the same name but .mo ( MO stands for Machine Object ) extension in the same directory as the .po file on your computer.

Upload newly created .po and .mo files to the directory from where you have downloaded the .pot file in the start.

That’s it. Your translation should work fine now.

In case you need any further assistance, please register at our support website and ask your question over there.

For Child Theme

If the child theme which you are using already has “languages” directory then upload the translated .po and .mo files to the child theme’s “languages” directory instead of the parent theme. This way you can update the parent theme easily as your translation will reside in the child theme.