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In order to get premium InspiryThemes support,  you can follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to and sign up.
  2. While signing up you need the Purchase Code which is provided by Envato when you bought any of our themes. If you are having a hard time finding it then you can follow this guide to get it.
  3. While signing up you may also face an error which displays that your support period is expired. So, you should renew your support. If you are unfamiliar with how you can do that then read this article.
  4. After successfully signed up, you can create a new ticket by clicking at Ask Question (which appears at the top right section of our support website).
  5. Please note that you must provide the URL of your website while creating the ticket.
  6. You can also include any sensitive information like login details of your website as our support representative might need the credentials of your website to troubleshoot the problem.